The eternal history and the traditional culture of a country are the result of concentration of sublime racial spirit
and respiration, which can keep themselves in existence with superior nationality shine and get its great
recognition in all over the world through human exchange among nations and cultural art activity.

A desire for culture is increasing with the development of science and rapid economic growth, so the efforts of
the government and the people who love culture and art are needed, and IOV, International Organization of Folk
Art that is organized with 185 member nations can satisfy these requirements.

In this time when disputes and complications between countries are acute, the prime goal of IOV is to keep
a good understanding and reconciliation with other countries through cultural communication and promotion
beyond all ideology and conflict among nations. Therefore, all of us from IOV-KOREA & ASIA are looking forward
to rising of Korean cultural art to play a major role in the world, and have no doubt it will be the crucial starting
point to contribute to the true reconciliation and union between all of the nations and countries and the world
peace through the exchange of different culture and art.