[Honor President] Mr. Alexander Veigl (Austria)
[President] Ms. Carmen D. Padilla (Philippines)
[V.P. of North Africa] Ms. Sophie Ferchiou (Tunisia)
[V.P. of Europe] Mr. Etienne Vankeirsbilck (Belgium)
[Secretary General] Mr. Hans Joachim Holz (Austria)
[S.G. of Africa] Mr. Tony Ashikodi (England)
[Member of Int. Com.] Mr. John Raman (Belgium)
[Chairman of Int. Com.] Mr. Nicolas Charlety (France)

V.P. of North Africa - Ms. Sophie Ferchiou (Tunisia)
V.P. of Central Africa - Ms. Ndeye A. Youm Diabe Siby (Senegal)
V.P. of South Africa - Mr. Mbabi Katana (Uganda)
V.P. of North America - Mr. George Frandsen (USA)
V.P. of Central America - Mr. Christobal Ramirez Macip (Mexico)
V.P. of South America - Ms. Milly Ahon Olguin (Peru)
V.P. of Eastern Asia - Mr. Feng Jicai (China)
V.P. of Western Asia - Mr. Sanjay Mehandiratta (India)
V.P. of Europe - Mr. Etienne Vankeirsbilck (Belgium)

S.G. of Africa - Mr. Tony Ashikodi (England)
S.G. of America - Ms. Helena Lourenco (Brazil)
S.G. of Asia - Mr. Moon Hyung Suk (South Korea)
S.G. of Australia, NZ, Oceania - Mr. Roger Perrett (Australia)
S.G. of Europe - Mr. Peter Marko (Hungary)

DSG of South Africa Mr. Dadi Suleiman Kasim (Tanzania)
DSG of Central America Ms. Maria Antonia Fernandez Corrales (Cuba)
DSG of South America Ms. Reina Caceres (Paraguay)
DSG of Eastern Asia Ms. Rahmah Binti Bujang (Malaysia)
DSG of Western Asia Mr. Abdullah Marzooq (Kuwait)
DSG of Australia, NZ, Oceania Ms. Judy S. Flores (USA/Guam)
DSG of Europe Ms. Elvira Kunina (Russia)


1. International Commission on the UNESCO Project International Decade for a Culture of Peace and a Non-Violence for All Children of the World
2. International Commission on Festivals
3. International Commission on the Promotion of Folk Art and Folk Culture and the Solidarity Among All Peoples of the World
4. International Commission on Nature Conservation and Pollution Control
5. International Commission on Traditional Dances and Folk Music
6. International Economic and Financial Commission
7. International Council of Senators and Honorary Senators of IOV
8. International Commission for Supporting the IOV Secretariat General
9. International Commission on the Organization of World Festivals of Folk Art
10. International Commission on the Amendment of the Statures and the Standing Order of IOV